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From Monday 19 June 2017 -  09:00
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Culture and politics in Europe today
An ACCESS EUROPE Summer School


Issues of culture and identity in Europe are influenced by a number of historical episodes and experiences which continues to impact upon the ways in which cultural identities are talked about, lived, politicized, experienced, and contested.


These histories include Europe’s discovery of modernity as it unfolded in the context of imperialism, colonialism, and racism; the postwar period of an ideologically divided Europe; the cultural and sexual revolutions of the 1960s and 1970s, secularization, and the transformation of religious identities; increasing postcolonial and labor migration; the return of ethnic nationalism in both Eastern and Western Europe; the post-1989 transformation of national economies in a global context and the growing impact of the European Union.

This one-week, full-time, intensive Summer School will consist of a series of interactive seminars with leading scholars in anthropology, sociology, cultural studies, religious studies, and history. The 20 participants will explore the theme of ‘culture and politics in Europe today’ from different angles, with plenty of opportunities for students to link it to their own research.

The program is organized in four sessions about the following themes:

  • Heritage and memory: the commemoration of wars and conflict
  • Secular Europe: How do states govern European Islam?
  • Regional and urban identities: the enigma of community in a globalized Europe
  • Populism and participation: the return of nationalism, authoritarianism, and popular democracy

For further information about teachers, application procedures, costs and location, please click the link below to download the Summer School information document.

Image Credit: Anton Balazh / Shutterstock


University of Amsterdam, Roeterseiland campus