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Thursday 04 May 2017 13:00 - 17:00
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invitation-only workshop

Humanitarian mobilities
A conversation between researchers and practitioners


This workshop brings together researchers and practitioners working at the intersection of mobility and humanitarianism to discuss critical issues that arise for humanitarian practice in an increasingly mobile world.


It is increasingly recognised by scholars and practitioners alike that mobility raises a number of challenges and perhaps new possibilities for humanitarian practice. As Europe’s recent ‘migration crisis’ shows the subjects of protection are now mobile.

Existing academic and practitioner led work on mobility overwhelmingly presents mobility as a tool of humanitarian practitioners. Mobility remains a privileged asset giving humanitarians and humanitarianism agency to act. However, this fails to capture the complexity of mobility in today’s humanitarian response to mobile populations both in Europe and elsewhere. 

The workshop will discuss:

  • What spaces and times of intervention does mobility open up and what does mobility foreclose?
  • How is mobility changing humanitarian practice on the ground?
  • Does mobility reconfigure advocacy efforts around rights to mobility?
  • Should humanitarianism move into more rights based advocacy or does this challenge the core principles of impartiality and neutrality within humanitarian practice?
  • What does mobility do to traditional ways of thinking about humanitarian action and where such action takes place?
  • Do we need new analytical and practical tools to think about and address humanitarian practice in a mobile world?


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University theatre, room 1.01, Nieuwe Doelenstraat 16, Amsterdam