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Thursday 14 September 2017 09:30 - 17:30
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Constitutional challenges in Europe
The impact and role of competition law

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Europe is facing  multiple challenges today. The risk of disintegration and the problem of Member States’ departure from rule of law standards also have adverse effects on economic performance. This workshop is co-organized by the Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance and ACCESS EUROPE.

Europe is facing  multiple challenges today, ranging from the risk of disintegration to the erosion of the rule of law and democracy and an enduring economic crisis.

While the economic and financial crisis remain unresolved, the crisis of the European integration process and the changing role of constitutions and constitutionalism in the EU Member States are testing both the EU and its institutions on its effectiveness and vigilance. At the same time, these constitutional changes form a fundamental concern for the societies of the Member States. The risk of disintegration, the problem of Member States’ departure from rule of law standards not only undermine legal certainty and political stability but also have adverse effects on economic performance. Backsliding from democracy, rule of law and fundamental rights heavily destabilises the core institutions and structures of economic governance. The political capturing of the “microeconomic constitution”* that consists of free market principles and competition law and its institutions in EU Member States calls for a closer analysis of the impact and role of competition law in these constitutional challenges.

This workshop, initiated by The Competition Law Scholars Forum (CLASF), brings together various competition law scholars who investigate this question from multiple perspectives including the impact of rule of law challenges and the role of national parliaments in competition law, independence and accountability of national competition authorities as well as discussing specific forms and case studies of constitutional challenges in relation to competition law.

* Tuori, Kaarlo & Tuori, Klaus (2014) The Eurozone Crisis: A Constitutional Analysis. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, p. 231ff.


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