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28 June 2017 | summer school
This Summer School, organised by the Centre for the Study of European Contract Law, will examine contractual aspects relating to basic question of the moral limits of markets. More information on the website of the CSECL Credit image International Bar association.   read more
13 September 2017
  • EIC
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  • EPS
| conference
Technocrats and technocracy in Western Europe, 1914-1973
Technocracy is the political swearword of our times, being regarded as the root of both democratic defects and radical right-wing populism. This conference will look at the genealogy of technocracy and the trajectories of various groups of ‘experts’ in western Europe’s mid-20th century. From the... read more
05 October 2017
  • EW
| workshop
This workshop deals with the issue of party politics in foreign affairs. Drawing together a group of international scholars, the workshop asks: does or should party politics really matter less in foreign affairs than in domestic policy? In domestic issues party-political conflicts and public discussion are... read more
13 October 2017
  • ELG
  • PEIW
| international conference
Politicization and integration in postfunctionalist times
This international conference deals with two urgent dilemmas facing the European Union today: integration versus disintegration and positive politicization versus negative politicization.    In the face of the multiple 'crises' currently facing the EU, the Union’s institutions have evolved. Yet... read more