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Wednesday 14 June 2017 20:00 - 21:30
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keynote lecture

Solidarity and the future of work
Annual Conference kick-off keynote lecture

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This lecture kicks off ACCESS EUROPE's Conference on Solidarity and European integration. Aart de Geus, Chairman of the Bertelsmann Foundation, will present his view on solidarity in Europe and the future of work. 


Work, understood as a verb, not as noun, is a determining feature for the cohesion of European societies. For many people, to work is not just a way to assure a livelihood but also a crucial part of their identity.

However, a changing world is paralleled by major transitions in everyone's working conditions. Megatrends as globalization, digitalization and demographic change will decisively shape the future of work. If Europe seeks to keep or even improve its level of social cohesion in the years ahead it needs to set an agenda seizing the opportunities of the above mentioned megatrends and counteract their threats.

Certainly, such a process must be accompanied by concrete political reforms such as the European Pillar of Social Rights. However, in order to work in a coherent manner, all concrete action to positively shape the future of work must rely on a common understanding of the very concept of solidarity. What do we mean by that notion? And what are its political implications? Reaching clarity and consensus on these issues will be vital for shaping the future of work in a way that ensures social cohesion. 

About the speaker

Aart de Geus is Chairman and CEO of the Bertelsmann Foundation since 2012. Between 2007 and 2011 he was interim secretary-general of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). He served as minister of Social Affairs and Employment in three consecutive governments: Balkenende I, II and III. 

On 15 and 16 June, the Annual Conference continues @ De Balie


SPUI25, Spui 25-27 Amsterdam