27 November 2017 | EC ELG | Photos & videos

Video: Democracy in Europe - What about Poland?

Video registration of the lecture 'Democracy in Europe: What about Poland?' that took place in De Balie on the 21st of November, 2017.


In 2015 the Peace and Justice Party (PiS) won the Polish elections. PiS quickly took a number of measures to erode checks and balances, particularly the Constitutional Court, and the judiciary more broadly, and the media.

The measures were and are controversial in Poland. The European Commission launched its Rule of Law Framework and has indicated that it is prepared to initiate the triggering of article 7. Many other international and professional organizations, including the Council of Europe (Venice Commission) and national Councils for the Judiciary and Supreme Courts in Europe have denounced the recent reforms.

The sudden deterioration of the rule of law in Poland, long regarded as one of the most successful examples of democratic transformation after the fall of the Berlin wall, has taken many by surprise. How is it possible that the rule of law in Poland was undermined so quickly? Can we understand, through history, the causes of this collapse? What, if anything, can outside organizations do to help prevent further backsliding?

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