3 April 2017 | News

#IStandwithCEU - Save the Central European University

The Central European University (CEU) in Budapest - a model for international higher education - is under threat by a legislative proposal of the Hungarian government.

The proposal would make it impossible for the University to continue its operations as an institution of higher education in Budapest. CEU is a graduate-level university accredited in both the United States and Hungary, and offers English-language Master's and doctoral programs in the social sciences, the humanities, law, management and public policy.

CEU’s distinctive educational program builds on the research tradition of the great American universities; on the most valuable Central European intellectual traditions; on the international diversity of its faculty and students. With approximately 1.400 students and 370 faculty members from more than 130 countries, CEU in Budapest is one of the most densely international universities in the world. These achievements are under threat. This is unlikely to be an accident of bad legislative drafting but is rather an attack on academic freedom purposefully directed against CEU.

We, the undersigned academics at the University of Amsterdam, want to alert the European academic community to this development and call upon everybody to sign the petition to save CEU. This is an unprecedented escalation in one European Union member state. Be reminded that there is already a university in exile in Europe, the European Humanities University in Vilnius, which was forced out of Minsk, Belarus, in 2004. Hungary is not Belarus -- or is it?

Kristina Irion, Kati Cseres, Andrey Demidov, Balazs Bodo