23 June 2017 | EW EIC ELG EPS | News

New podcasts! Joost Lagendijk, Anna van der Vleuten and Brian Rathbun

ACCESS EUROPE records and publishes most of the guest lectures as we'd like to offer a their insights and contributions to a wide as possible audience. Three recent lectures have just been published as podcastsJoost:

1) Joost Lagendijk, former MEP and journalist. "Erdogan and the shift toward autocracy in Turkey" 

2) Anna van der Vleuten, professor at the Radboud University Nijmegen. "The merchant and the message: gender and intersectionality in the EU's external relations". 

3) Brian Rathbun, professor at the University of Southern California. "Populist misconceptions: is anti-elitism an authoritarian reaction by the losers of globalization?"