1 September 2017 | ELG PEIW | News

New articles by Jonathan Zeitlin and Ben Crum in JEPP

Two articles by ACCESS EUROPE Scientific Director Jonathan Zeitlin (one co-authored with Amy Verdun, the other with Bart Vanhercke) and ELG Theme Leader Ben Crum are now available online.

The articles are published in a special issue of the Journal of European Public Policy 'EU Socio-Economic Governance since the Crisis: The European Semester in Theory and Practice', for which Jonathan Zeitlin and Amy Verdun acted as guest editors. Six months after the issue appears, it will also be published as a book by Routledge.

The book is the first to be dedicated entirely to the European Semester -- a new framework for policy coordination across European Union (EU) member states. The Semester represents a major advance in EU governance. Created in 2010 in the wake of the financial and sovereign debt crises and revamped in 2015, it was intended to provide a new socio-economic governance architecture to coordinate national policies without transferring legal sovereignty to EU level. The papers in this collection are written by authors who have already contributed to this literature and have conducted original research for their studies. The book offers an empirical and theoretical assessment of the European Semester, examining its implications along three critical axes, running respectively between the economic and the social, the supranational and the intergovernmental, and the technocratic and democratic poles of EU governance. The book concludes that the European Semester challenges established theoretical understandings of EU governance, as it is a prime example of the complexity that supersedes simple polar oppositions.

Introduction: the European Semester as a new architecture of EU socioeconomic governance in theory and practice, by Amy Verdun and Jonathan Zeitlin

Socializing the European Semester: EU social and economic policy co-ordination in crisis and beyond, by Jonathan Zeitlin and Bart Vanhercke

Parliamentary accountability in multilevel governance: what role for parliaments in post-crisis EU economic governance?, by Ben Crum