8 September 2014
The Amsterdam Centre for Contemporary European StudieS (ACCESS EUROPE) has three vacancies for a postdoctoral researcher. read more
26 August 2014
Between 6 and 28 September 2014, Dr Ana E. Juncos is ACCESS EUROPE visiting scholar for the theme 'Europe and the World', as a guest of Prof Wolfgang Wagner. read more
10 June 2014
From 18 to 25 June, Professor Ruud Koopmans is ACCESS EUROPE Visiting Professor for the European Politics and Society theme. He will deliver a public lecture on 23 June (from 15:30 to 17:00, Potgieterzaal , University Library) and host a PhD workshop on 19 June. read more
2 June 2014
Hanna Kleider is a post-doctoral researcher at ACCESS EUROPE and the department of political science and public administration at the VU. Her research focuses on comparative politics with a particular interest in comparative welfare state research, the political economy of redistribution and comparative decentralisation. read more
21 May 2014
The inauguration takes place Thursday, 26 June at 15:45 in the Aula of the VU University. Barbara Vis is theme leader of the ACCESS EUROPE Political Economy of Integration and Welfare theme. read more
27 March 2014
In April and May 2014, Dr Francesco Mazzucchelli is ACCESS EUROPE visiting scholar for the theme 'European Identity and Culture', as a guest of prof. Rob van der Laarse. read more
11 March 2014
Katjana Gattermann is a post-doctoral researcher at ACCESS EUROPE and the Department of Communication Science. She will analyse the upcoming European elections and is particularly interested in the campaign news coverage of policy issues, political parties and individual candidates. read more
11 March 2014
Beste Isleyen is Postdoctoral Researcher at ACCESS EUROPE. She will investigate the European Union response to recent protests and uprisings in the Arab world with a specific emphasis on civil society promotion. read more
11 March 2014
Kenneth Armstrong will visit ACCESS EUROPE 5-26 April 2014
Kenneth has written extensively on the field of European Union law and policy, with a particular focus on the evolving governance and institutional structures of the EU. In his current research Armstrong focuses on the European Union’s response to the economic crisis, and his article, 'The New Governance of Fiscal Discipline' was published by the European Law Review in October 2013. read more
13 February 2014
On 22 and 23 January academic experts and the university boards of UvA and VU met at the Inaugural Event of ACCESS EUROPE in Amsterdam. read more