18 February 2016
The Kohnstamm Institute for Education has invited Andrée van Es, member of the ACCESS EUROPE Advisory Board, to give the 17th annual Kohnstamm lecture on 18 March at the Oude Lutherse Kerk of the University of Amsterdam. read more
16 February 2016
  • EW
Europe and the World theme leader Marieke de Goede has been awarded a VICI grant by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research for her research project entitled Finance/Security Practice after 9/11: Tracking the Money from Transaction to Trial. read more
15 February 2016
  • EC
Chantal Mak, contributor to the European Constitutionalism theme, will give her inaugural speech on Friday 19 February at the Oude Lutherse Kerk at 16:00 entitled Law, Morality and Justice in European Private Law.   read more
2 February 2016
In March 2016, Mark Thatcher will be Visiting Professor at ACCESS EUROPE for the European Law and Governance Theme. Mark Thatcher is Professor of Comparative and International Politics at the London School of Economics and Political Science. read more
28 January 2016
Caroline de Gruyter, member of the ACCESS EUROPE Advisory Board, has published a new article for the Brussels-based think-tank Carnegie Europe about the current and historical position of the Grand Duchy Luxembourg in Europe. read more
7 January 2016
  • EW
PhD students Judith Huigens and Marijn Hoijtink, both affiliates to the Europe and the World theme, will defend their theses on 19 and 27 January at the Agnietenkapel, Amsterdam. read more
5 January 2016
  • ELG
Bart Vanhercke and Jonathan Zeitlin with Astrid Zwinkels, have published a policy report at the European Social Observatory (OSE) in Brussels. The report takes stock of the social dimension of the policy instruments under the European Semester. read more
1 December 2015
An internet search of ‘Europe + crisis’ results in approximately 384,000,000 hits: the Eurozone Crisis, the Refugee Crisis, the Economic Crisis, or even an Identity and Legitimacy Crisis. And every time we think one crisis is well and truly over, the next one seems to present itself. read more
17 November 2015
Vienna correspondent for the Dutch newspaper NRC and member of the ACCESS EUROPE Advisory Board Caroline de Gruyter has won the Heldring Prize for her weekly column 'In Europa'.  read more
11 November 2015
  • EW
ACCESS EUROPE researcher and VU Assistant Professor Falk Ostermann has published two articles, on in Sage Publication's journal International Relations and one in the journal European Security.  read more