23 September 2016 | EIC EPS | Visiting Scholars

Richard Alba

Richard Alba is ACCESS EUROPE Visiting Scholar in September and October 2016 at the Sociology department of the Vrije Universiteit. Richard Alba is a distinguished professor of Sociology at The Graduate Center, the Ph.D.-granting campus of the City University of New York. He is an eminent scholar in the fields of immigration, ethnicity and race.

Alba’s research has consistently grappled with the prospects for integration, even assimilation, in immigration situations.  For example, in the 1990s, he attended to the new waves of immigrants arriving on American shores, beginning with a large-scale project on residential patterns (in collaboration with the urban sociologist John Logan) that pioneered the use of “location attainment” models, which have since become widespread. Then, with Victor Nee, he wrote the prize-winning book, Remaking the American Mainstream (2003), which reconceptualized assimilation as a way of understanding the American past as well as its present and near future. During the last decade, Alba’s focus has fused two critical elements: one is a comparative perspective that encompasses key countries in Western Europe such as France, Germany, and the Netherlands; the other is the rapidly shifting demographic context in North American and Western European societies, which he characterizes as an immigration-driven transition to diversity that couples the aging of the post-World War II baby-boom cohorts with the rise of young-adult cohorts containing many individuals who have grown up in immigrant homes.

Alba has been especially concerned with, on the one hand, the integration challenges this demographic transition creates and on the other hand the extent to which it generates opportunities for immigrant-origin minorities to move up and also into the mainstream. In addition, a comprehensive assessment of the challenges and opportunities in North America and Western Europe appears in his new book with Nancy Foner, Strangers No More.

Three events will be organised during Richard Alba's visit: 

1. 17 -21 October: A PhD Master Course Researching the integration of immigrant groups. Course information

2. 24 October: A full day PhD Masterclass. Call information

3. 27 October: 15:30 - 17:00: Public lecture at the University of Amsterdam, Roeterseiland room B3.05 View announcement