9 January 2017 | EW | Visiting Scholars

Tapio Raunio

Professor Tapio Raunio will be ACCESS EUROPE Visiting Scholar for two periods: from 6 to 17 February and from 22 May to 7 June. 

Tapio Raunio is Professor of Political Science at the University of Tampere and a visiting professor at Dalarna University. His research interests include legislatures and political parties, the Europeanization of domestic politics, semi-presidentialism and the Finnish political system. His recent publications include ‘Challenging Executive Dominance: Legislatures and Foreign Affairs’, a special issue of West European Politics (2017) co-edited with Wolfgang Wagner.

Together with David Arter he is currently directing a research project funded by the Academy of Finland Parliaments, Citizens and Democracy in the Nordic Countries (2012–2016), which analyses the transparency of Nordic legislatures and how they ‘link’ with citizens and the civil society.



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