1 May 2017 | EIC | Visiting Scholars

Stuart Elden

Stuart Elden is ACCESS EUROPE Visiting Scholar from 24 April to 6 June 2017 where he will be hosted by the Faculty of Humanities of the UvA. During his stay in Amsterdam, he will be involved in three events.


Stuart Elden is Professor of Political Theory and Geography at the University of Warwick, UK. His research is at the intersection of politics, philosophy and geography. His recent work has looked at twentieth-century French theory and the history, concept and practice of territory. He is currently working on a study of territory in Shakespeare’s plays; on the concept of terrain; on Lefebvre’s writings on rural issues; and the very early Foucault. Stuart Elden is the author of seven books, including works on territory, Michel Foucault, Martin Heidegger, and Henri Lefebvre. 


  1. Territory in indeterminate and changing environments. workshop. 12 May 2017. view announcement
  2. The early Foucault and the politics of European intellectual history. public lecture. 31 May 2017. view announcement
  3. PhD masterclass. 16 May 2017. view announcement