25 August 2016 | EC | Projects

Bringing democracy to markets
TTIP and the politics of knowledge in postnational governance

The leading investigator of Bringing democracy to markets is Marija Bartl, assistant professor at the Law Faculty of the UvA. In this project, Marija addresses the relation between knowledge, democracy and market integration on the background of the current trade negotiations between the EU and the US.

Market integration beyond the state increasingly limits the extent to which citizens are able to decide democratically what they want to eat, breath, and the conditions in which they want to live. The new EU US trade agreement, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), presents an urgent example of such legitimacy challenge. 

Until now scholars have discussed the TTIP as a part of international (economic) law. This project, in contrast, starts from a premise that the TTIP s democratic implications require its evaluation according to more stringent legitimacy criteria. Hence, drawing on the democratisation experience of yet another economic integration project the EU this project will interpret the TTIP as a part of a broader process of de-democratisation of market governance beyond the state.

The project has two major goals:

  1. it will describe and analyse the design of TTIP s institutions, submitting them simultaneously to normative critique.
  2. the project develops a theory that, by re-phrasing the legitimacy problem beyond the state in terms of dissociation of knowledge production from democracy, (a) it explains the character and continuity of democratic challenges across various forms of post-national market integration and (b) offers practical guidance for their resolution.


3 years


NWO VENI grant