25 August 2016 | EW | Projects

Following the money from transaction to trial: financial security after 9/11

FOLLOW's principal investigator is Marieke de Goede, EW Theme Leader at ACCESS EUROPE and UvA professor of Politics. This project studies the security policy and practice in times of fading public-private divides, and its consequences for privacy and society in general.

In the context of combating terrorism, governments are increasingly interested in accessing and analysing commercial databases. This includes, for example, financial data, but also passenger name records and information from social media. What does this public-private cooperation mean for the way in which sovereign security decisions are made? What does it mean in terms of guaranteeing the privacy of citizens, and for prosecuting the financing and facilitation of terrorism?

In the project FOLLOW, Marieke de Goede and her team will analyse the path of the suspicious transaction as a ‘chain of security’. The project will develop a new conceptual approach at the intersection of security studies and science-and-technology studies. Research questions focus on privacy, knowledge practices and situated judgment across the chain of security. FOLLOW will also analyse the wider societal effects of using commercial data for security policy.


Five years


Consolidator Grant by the European Research Council (ERC)

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