The geopolitics of European external relations
In the SAGE handbook of European foreign policy

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Category: book chapter
Publisher: Sage Publications
Year: 2015
In book: the Sage handbook of European foreign policy, edited by Knud Erik Jorgensen, Aasne Kalland Aarstad, Edith Drieskens, Katie Laatikainen, and Ben Tonra.

"This chapter aims at introducing the reader to the work of political geographers on the external relations of the EU. After a short presentation of political geography, (critical) geopolitics and border studies it highlights in particular contributions representing three clusters of geographical researchin the hope of showing how they differ from the work of political scientists, international relations (IR) scholars and policy analysts, without claiming that these topics are the reserve of political geography." The first cluster is on EU borders, the second on EU relations with its neighbours, and the third cluster addresses the production and circulation of geographical knowledge for foreign-policymaking. 


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