The Effect of Associative Issue Ownership on Parties’ Presence in the News Media

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Category: article
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Year: 2015
In journal: West European Politics


"Some studies suggest that challenger parties push new issues onto the agenda, especially when they ‘own’ these issues. Others claim that established parties largely determine how prominent issues appear on the agenda. This article contributes to this debate by focusing on an issue on which challenger parties have most ‘ownership’: immigration. Political claims on this issue made by political parties in newspapers in seven West European countries after three events that could potentially trigger attention to immigration were studied. Large and government parties appear most prominent in the news. However, findings show a significant, positive effect of associative issue ownership on claims-making in the news, while controlling for party size and government status. So, when challengers have issue ownership they appear as claim-makers on the issue. These results paint a balanced picture of the role that challenger and established parties have in setting the agenda."


Van der Brug, W. and Berkhout, J. (2015) The effect of associative issue ownership on parties' presence in the news media. West European Politics vol 38 issue 4. 

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