National Parliaments
In the SAGE handbook of European foreign policy

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Category: book chapter
Publisher: Sage Publications
Year: 2015
In book: The Sage Handbook of European Foreign Policy, edited by Knud Erik Jorgensen, Aasne Kalland Aarstad, Edith Drieskens, Katie Laatikainen, and Ben Tonra.

2015"This chapter summarizes the normative debate about the merits and shortcomings of having national parliaments in European foreign policy (section one) before reviewing the empirical research on national parliaments (section two). Corresponding to the skewed scholarly attention, the bulk of the second section is dedicated to national parliaments' involvement in military missions, rather than in European diplomacy. The development of transnational parliamentary cooperation and its rationale is addressed in the third section. The article concludes with suggestions for further research (fourth section)." 


Wagner, W. (2015) National Parliaments. SAGE Publications. In Jorgensen, K.E. et al. (2015) The SAGE Handbook of European Foreign Policy. 

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