A Penalty Card for Homophobia from EU Non-Discrimination Law
Comment on Asociaţia Accept (C-81/12)

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Category: article
Year: 2015
In journal: Colombia Journal of European Law


"The ruling of the Court of Justice in Asociaţia ACCEPT [2013] put homophobia in the spotlight of EU law. The case illustrates the success of efficient cause lawyering for the benefit of a disempowered minority. This note offers a detailed scrutiny of the judgment in a wider paradigm of EU non-discrimination law and effective modes of challenging homophobia via employment policies. The preliminary ruling on this Romanian case opens an innovative European track of legal mobilization for LGBT and other social movements. In light of the latest developments within the Council of Europe and European Union, this note identifies the scope of available legal protection against homophobia in Europe."


Belavusau, U. (2015) A penalty card for homphobia from EU non-discrimination law. Colombia Journal of European Law, Vol. 21, No. 2, 2015. 237-259, forthcoming.

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