EIC European Identity and Culture

In the rapidly mutating global and domestic context, understanding the changing identities of Europe and Europeans is crucial. Today’s challenges, manifested not least in the continuing Euro-crisis, cannot be addressed without a full appreciation of their cultural and historical dimensions, which extend well beyond the EU-28 and the current moment.

The contemporary political economic, and strategic context is underpinned by a tapestry of cultural allegiances and aversions, which are continuously aired and reinvented in all forms of conventional and new media. ‘Europe’ and European identity are not immutable historical and geographical givens, but rather form a multiple, overlapping, and mobile matrix, that cannot be abstracted from Europe’s past and present relations with its various Others. An interdisciplinary, cross-cultural and multi-temporal perspective can thus make a valuable contribution to debates about the present and future of Europe, at both national and European levels. read more